Saturday, September 14, 2013

Sedona, Arizona January 2013

We traveled to Rancho Sedona Rv Park 
in January 2013

We had an executive site. 
 Much larger and backed up to a stream.

The chairs and picnic table came with the site.

A little fire pit for anyone to use.

The community restrooms were very nice.

Nice laundry.

The snowman that greeted us when we arrived.

The stream behind us.

It was cold.

But simply beautiful.

Traveling Smore,  see you soon!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Bakersfield, California

We decided to take a trip to Bakersfield, California
after Christmas.  We were able to visit with my sister's
family and my hubby's cousin's families.
The family visited us in the park and
we had a barbecue.

Nice public bathrooms for the campers.

Pool (Too cold when we were there)

Computer Room

Office and I believe there was a gym.

We hit some snow going over the grapevine on our way home.

It is always great to spend time with the family.

Flagstaff, Arizona Sept. 2012

We stayed at JH Rv Park in Flagstaff, Arizona, 
while our car was being fixed from the trip to 
the Grand Canyon.

We parked next to someone 
with the same rig as our.

Just passing through. 
 Nothing fancy no pool or playground.

Grand Canyon, Arizona Sept. 2012

Our trip started off great as our hybrid Ford Fusion battery
 died on the way and while we were in the grand canyon.

We stayed at the Grand Canyon Trailer Village.
Our spot with our rental car on the side.

Bag of chips swell up like a balloon.

Most everyone stops to get a picture of this sign.



Beautiful colorful skies.

We ate at this cafe that was cafeteria style.

Looks like a painted backdrop and
almost doesn't look real.

Loved it.
Would do it all again.